The 8805

The 8805

I wanted a short flat car to use for hauling electrical equipment or other heavy freight.

I started with a basic Bachmann flat car. The under frame was removed and the saw applied to the deck.. A few minutes later I had removed one section from the car floor. The remaining parts were glued together, and the seam filled with body putty.

The fishbelly was cut from printed circuit board. I wanted something that would add rigidity to the car. The cut piece was placed on the inside of the existing side and epoxied into place. New resin-cast bolsters were added in lieu of the original frame.

The in-progress stage looked like this:

I made a template for embossing rivets using graph paper. A nail was placed in the drill press and dimples were pressed into the .080 styrene. It was then cut to shape and epoxied onto the PC board.

Some more body putty, a couple of coats of primer, a finish coat and decals yielded this result. The CHV&T was a predecessor to the C&O.

It gives me a shorter-than-usual car, just suited for transporting a pair of substation rotors and associated parts.