There are several waterway crossings on the railroad.  Mill Pond trestle has its own page.

The Howe Truss is about 44 inches long and was made from cedar and brass rod from Garden Texture plans. It's part of the longer trestle.
Kerr's Run viaduct is the highest point on the railroad. The head of the creek is actually hidden by the viaduct and the rock cliff behind it. Scrap wood was used for the forms and a small piece of PVC tubing formed the arch. Some rebar was included in the pour for strength.

 Retaining wall is scraps of wood, soaked in a mix of roofing tar and spirits -- mineral, not the other kind!


    Bridges 1 and 2

Simple wooden forms were made to hold concrete for the bridge piers. Both bridges are of similar construction.

Pour made and mold released. Abutment is about 7 x 6 x 1.5. Took about 3/4 of a large coffee can of sand mix. Backfill awaits configuration of creek.
504 ventures across Bridge #1. The motorman is smiling because the car is still on the track! Guard rails and wing walls still need to be installed.

Time and the elements resulted in some maintenance problems! As it turned out, the bridge was about an inch too high, resulting in an unnecessarily steep grade.

New, lower piers were installed and the track 'undercut' to lower the grade to match the new bridge height.

New deck was prefabricated.....and taken to site for installation.

New wing walls were installed. Part of the year's improvement projects included rebuilding the sides of the creek to help to eliminate water loss. Some river rock and moss were added to the location to make it look more natural.

Bridge #2 is scheduled for new decking as part of the 2016 capital improvement program.