The Barn

There are two reasons for the barn. The obvious one was to have a barn for the farm (duh) but the more important was to give me a structure to hide the power distribution panel that's in the center of the garden. When I decided to try the Aristo TrainEngineer I thought a windmill might make a good antenna for the receiver, which I'd hide in a water tank.

There didn't seem to be anything commercially available, so I bought a bunch of Applied Imagination PerfectPanels and veneer sheets, got out the knife and went at it. As with most of the projects, changes came about during construction, primarily the addition of the hay loft. I'm still not satisfied with the weathering, so I'll probably tinker with that as time and inspiration permit.

The barn base is Lexan (just because I had a scrap of it) with terminal strips attached to it. Main conduits will come through the large hole at the back. The standard outlet toward the front is where the TE plugs in - half of the outlet is the AC in; the other half the DC out to the track.
Barn under construction with the PerfectPanels and some siding applied. The wooden framing at the bottom is cedar left over from trestle construction.
Assembled project. The Lexan slab with the windmill and the water tank plug into the outlet shown in the top picture. The tank hides the TE; the windmill is the antenna. The lamp reflector over the door is Plastruct. It has a 3mm LED recessed into the plastic. I had to drill out the fixture a bit, but with a little trial and error got it to fit securely.
Side view. The farmer has given up growing his own hay. That's why the water tank is under the hay loft window. Something else is happening in the loft, however. . .

There's a hinged shutter to hide the couple from young children and stuffed shirts. There's also a LED in the loft for viewing (voyering?) at night.  Larger picture available on request.


What's a barn without a "Mail Pouch" sign? If you want to learn more about Mail Pouch advertising on barns, look here.

Update:  A larger TE unit was purchased and moved into the power house which now sits atop the Lexan. The barn and windmill are just that. The windmill has been moved closer to Kerr's Run so it can pump water for the farm.