The Gazebo

Every self respecting town needs to have a gazebo for concerts, weddings, political speeches, etc.

I took a Pola gazebo kit and made some modifications, urged on in part by my wife.

This is the basic product with some paint applied.

Four GOW bulbs were put in the underside of the roof. Two speakers from an mp3 amplifier were also stuck in there.

I decided to hide the player and amp under the gazebo. This necessitated adding about 2 inches in height, accomplished by cutting some cedar to simulate a wooden frame. The white tube is shrink wrap which I used as conduits for the lighting and speaker wires.

The framing is coming together.


Copper window screen fills the openings.

Gazebo glued to chunk of Handibacker. Piece of masonite slides in and out of the gazebo. It holds the amp and player. The steps serve dual purpose of giving me a handle to pull the works out to turn things on, as well as a set of steps to access the gazebo.

Steps need to be shoved back a bit. Still need to get rid of that pesky extra white paint!



So what's a gazebo without. . . .

The Band

After an exhaustive search we discovered that 1:24 band figures are basically unavailable. (Likewise instruments, but we'll get to that later.) So, thinking about performing some surgery, we bought two sets of LBG 54400 German railway officials.

The guy in the coat is going to be a problem, but maybe he'll be the band director. . . .

The woman looked like she might be a flute player. She was sawed just below the jacket line and again just below the skirt. I drilled a few holes (you can see the oops on her right leg in the seated position -- gotta call the plastic surgeon.) inserted some short pieces of mechanics wire then used ACC to hold things together. Made some rough molds from masking tape then dribbled in a slurry of Durham's Water Putty to modify the skirt. If you get to it before it's totally hard you can sort of shape it with a file, knife or emery board.

Here's the gang!  I might add a fifth musician if I get the effort to make a trombone. Some of the instruments came from on-line sources. The Sousaphone on the right was found by my wife. There's a self-important conductor that will go on the top step.


12/07 10-15