The model railway was started in 2003. I was limited in space and resources and needed something that would be small and inexpensive. Traction seemed to be just the ticket.  After all, a single trolley car could replace a long train that you'd find on a typical garden railroad, and if I wanted to get into the freight business, a three or four car train pulled by an electric locomotive would be prototypical. And I wanted to see how actual, working, trolley wire would function in an outside environment. 

The railroad has about 135 feet of track and a maximum grade of about 4% -- steep for steam railroad standards, but all in a day's work for the average trolley line. Routine maintenance, keeping ahead of the weeds and chipmunks, keeps me busy enough that I'm glad I didn't opt for something bigger. And I shouldn't have used aluminum rail on the bridge, and maybe that grade is just a bit too steep, but, it works. (But it works better with a few small repairs!) Would I do things differently a second time around? Some, but overall, I'm happy with what I have.

The links on this page cover a variety of areas of the railroad building process. Not everything that I tried worked. The less-than-successful endeavors are included along with the ones that worked as planned. After all, this is a hobby, and we can each benefit from the others' experiences -- good and bad.  

And speaking of links, here are two rides as the crew members see the railroad:


Updates will probably be few and far between as I've run out of space and have more equipment than I can possibly ever use. Plus me knees and hips are constantly reminding me that I'm not as young as I used to be. The major reason for the 2015 update was caused by Comcast's decision to stop web hosting. Since everything needed to be migrated to another hosting service, this seemed like a good time to bring things up to date. But stop by from time to time as the movies are most likely to change, and, maybe, another project will be undertaken.

The interchange track:


Early Work
Track work
Switch machines  
Suspension bridge 
The Trestle
The Viaduct

Model Overhead

Car 13 -- under construction
The M-54
The Critter
The Steeple Cab Project
The 25
    Snow Sweeper
   Rolling Stock

Swearingen Ink 100 
Fox Trucks resin work

Small Buildings


North Front St. 
South Front St.
The Barger Farm
The Gazebo
The Barn
Peacock Coal
Would you believe that 90% of the suppliers I used are now out of business!  The hobby is slowly losing appeal as prices rise and manufacturers and stores close.
Pa Trolley Museum