Kanawah & Michigan 12585

Here's another blow by blow photo story on the kitbashing of another generic Bachmann car. The K&M was one of the "fallen flags" that became part of the Toledo & Ohio Central. Some of the others absorbed included the Hocking Valley, Zanesville & Northern, the Kanawah & West Virginia, Kanawah & Ohio and others unknown to me.

I wanted a smaller, "fun" car with no specific prototype in mind. 

So, getting out the saw...

The grab irons, door rails, etc. have been removed, and the area formerly occupied by the door has been "excised". Some sanding of the obnoxious lettering has taken place as well.

The two halves will be re-attached thusly. Never mind there's no doorway. Once the door is glued over the seam, who's going to know?

Want to add a "fishbelly" so back to the trusty table saw to remove the siding that extends below the car floor. Drum sander is handy for smoothing up the saw cuts. Love that smell of melting plastic. (I breathed, but did not inhale.)
Halves glued together, horizontal siding added on car ends.
Roof cut down, original roof walks replaced with scratch built. 
Basic frame made from .060 styrene. Added a "wrap" of .010 to hide corner seams on frame.
Wrap finished. (Well, almost. Frame was a hair too wide, so had to make a saw cut on each end to narrow it down a bit!) I hate carpentry!
Rivets should be about where bolster will go. Used small Philips head screwdriver.
Frame glued to underside of car with 3/16" angle. End bracing applied. Doors installed, coat of primer applied.
Car body more or less complete, but needs some dull coat and weathering. Up on blocks pending fabrication of the trucks.
Another view. Thanks, Stan, for the superb decals.




Fox trucks made and installed. Appears like she's ready for revenue service.