Peacock Coal Co.

There was a real Peacock Coal mine near Pomeroy.

From the railroad track maps it appeared to be a large (for that area) operation, having a multiple-track tipple.

For the model, I wanted something that was going to be inexpensive as well as fit in a limited  space. I bought a couple of O scale coaling tower kits, figuring they were a bit oversize to begin with, would be kitbashed, and would be at the back of the garden where any size problems would probably be minimized. Well, didn't like that idea.

I was inspired by this photo of the Gilpin Mine which was in Armstrong County, not too far away from home.

As is the case with most tipples, there aren't any available photos of the ends of the structure. The mine had what looked like standard gauge mine cars and overhead, but I can't tell if there's wire on the tipple or not. The mine, obviously, is to the right; the boney pile to the left.

So, armed with this photo and supply of oak and cedar, here's what we came up with:

The bents are based more or less on the Garden Texture plan. That's cedar cut from a 1 x 8 plank. Used Titebond 3 and brass pins at the joints.

Frame for roof has been added to basic structure.

Coal delivery chute formed from an old aluminum offset press printing plate.

Rail has been spiked to redwood stringers and glued into place. I think it's code 100 brass. 

Starting to place roof panels. That's more AI preformed plastic. You may note some rough ends of siding that still need to be trimmed off.

More than one way to hold the stuff in place until the adhesive dries!!

Structure sits in approximate location. It will need to be lowered about 2 inches. The orange line at right represents the track to the boney pile. I want that to be just above the trolley wire, which is about 8 inches above the rail in this location. Black line at left represents track into the mine. The dog, as usual, could care less.

Another in-place view. Black line shows where trestle will go to connect the mine portal to the tipple. I don't plan to pre-weather the structure. It's primarily cedar and oak, so I think we'll see what Mother Nature does to it. The remaining trackwork and trestles will probably wait until spring for completion and placement. I'm planning on using HO iron ore cars as mine cars with the trucks replaced by S gauge wheel sets. Suppose I'll need a stable of mules as well. Some day I need to take the chain saw to that tree stump.

The tipple was set in place the end of April '08. Here are a couple of views:



I may or may not string a bit of trolley wire toward the tipple. It might just be easier to use an idler car or two. That's real coal and "red dog" or bony.


The ravages of time and a declining demand for coal have closed the mine. It slowly falls into disrepair, and the railway has pulled the switch leading to the tipple track.