What's on the roster?

My thought was to have equipment that would reflect 1900 to 1940 or so. The need for home road cars is being addressed by trying to find cheap cars then (gasp) stripping the lettering and repainting them. Have given up on E-Bay as a source of equipment -- too many people with more money than brains.  I'm planning on the average train being four cars, plus the caboose. (Union rules, you know -- this is the 1900s!!)

Shawmut Car Shops  has been a good source for custom decals. Stan Cedarleaf has also been a great supplier for custom car lettering.

Here are some pix of what is "unique" that is, doesn't look like it just came out of the box.

All of the cars have either Bachmann or USA metal wheelsets. Couplers are either Bachmann or Aristocraft. A few cars - denoted by a star next to the road number - have Bachmann on the B end and Aristo on the A end to make it easier to mix the types. I also have another 20 or so off-the-shelf cars -- way more than I need, but when the bug bites......


(Standardized on Kaydee couplers at some point...it just makes life easier.)