The Shacks

What depiction of rural America would be complete without a shack or two? (And I'll not make any snide comments about West (by God) Virginia being just across the river!) Plans call for three or four shacks, again from Applied Imagination's plans, along with the "Hillbilly Hideaway."  These could all be fishing cabins since they're adjacent to Kerr's Run. I used various types of siding and roofing. Some interior areas are furnished. LEDs provide lighting.


Shack #1 has lap siding painted a dirty, moldy white, faded blue trim and a gray-green shingle roof. The lantern is on the porch, ready for a quick trip to the communal outhouse when nature calls at night. There's a small orange LED in there.
When the pines grow and can be trimmed a bit, I'm hoping the settlement will look like something you'd find out in the back woods.
Shack #2 features windows that were extracted from a Fisher-Price dollhouse. This is just an inch or so smaller than shack #1. I did that to make better use of the veneer -- at $8 a sheet, the cost of a cabin isn't cheap! I also kept the roof underlayment inside the cabin walls, rather than extending it over the porch.

The afternoon sun and shadows play on the porch. The posts and porch floor are cedar, surplus from the never-ending trestle construction. A coal train rumbles past in the background.

Side view of an always under construction shack.
Not going to be much fishing today! Office is closed.