Ohio River Electric Railway and Power Company

711 North Front Street           Pomeroy ohio


To: General Superintendent

FROM:  Superintendent of construction

Subj:   Delay in Construction


Saturday (March 21 dawns bright and inviting for a couple of hours of work on the garden railroad. Now, I could have gone to work and driven and made about 7 hours of easy money, or gone up to the KJRR so they at least remember my face, but, I figure, this is a good chance to mix some mortar and get about 30 bricks in on the retaining wall on the low side of the railroad.

Drag wheelbarrow into garage, thinking it's easier to wheel the 80 pound bag of mortar than it is to carry it.  Dump trowels, etc., pair of gloves (don't want to get mortar on fingers) and sit a bucket with a couple of inches of water in it into 'barrow.

Head toward side yard. Start to negotiate slight upward slope on wooden ramp to sidewalk and gate.
Loose traction.
Loose footing.
Hang onto handles of wheelbarrow
Fall flat on face in miliseconds (what's gravity - 32 feet per second?)
Face goes into wheelbarrow.
Handles have pinky finger of each hand trapped between handles and edge of wooden walkway.
Water in bucket splashes onto head/face, etc.
Chest area is instantly covered with water, some residual snow, and what is that...dog poop??
Realize there's a weak solution of blood and water dripping from forehead.
Suspect that right pinky finger is broken, cause it sure doesn't look right.

Get up, spit what's left of cigar into flower bed.
Stumble back into house.
Track "stuff" through kitchen.
Look in mirror.
Reveals fine assortment of cuts and abrasions on forehead and nose.
#2 stepdaughter observes that I look like I'm ready to pass out.
Wipe off face.
Realize finger turning funny color, hurts.

Sit down, call wife (who's out on shopping trip.)
Wait for wife's return.
Call doctor. Come see us, they say.
Put ice on finger.

Go to doctors,
See doctor.
Probably not broken, she says, but gives me couple of tongue depressors and tape if I want to make splint.
Insists I have a tetanus shot.

Get back home. 
Rain starts falling like gangbusters. 

But on the bright side, I hadn't mixed the mortar BEFORE moving it, otherwise would have had a great casting for making face molds in the future.

Didn't swallow cigar.
Nothing broken.

Good thing there's no OSHA report required!