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Legalese and paperwork go back past the Romans. And paperwork abounds, even a century ago, when you're talking about governments.

I found a book of ordinances and franchises in the Pomeroy Library. It was apparently part of a set. The rest were missing; possibly a complete set is in Town Hall.  I did find four ordinances as related to street railway construction.

The first set (first column) consists of two ordinances. The first is dated May1899 and grants the Middleport, Pomeroy and Racine Electric Street Railway to be constructed to operate from the corporation line on Short Street to Willow Street, on Willow back to Short, to Front, on Front  from Willow to Railroad, on Railroad from Front to Salt, on Salt from Railroad to Front, on Front from Salt to New, on New from Front to Bridge, on Bridge from New to the corporation line. Looking at maps from the era, New, Front and Salt are all the main drag now known as Main Street. None of the maps show either Railroad or Willow. There is a Short Street toward the southerly end of town, but it appears to intersect only with Salt!  The second ordinance in the first set of columns was dated June1899 and details the fare structure for the fledgling operation. This line is what evolved into the Ohio River Electric Railway and Power Co. The principals -- Messrs Spilman and Camden -- were given franchises to supply and distribute electricity in the town during this period.

The second ordinance (second  column) was dated 1901 and authorized operation of the Pomeroy, Rocksprings & Athens Electric Street Railway. (Rocksprings was abut 3 miles out of town toward the northwest, heading toward Chester.) This line was t have started on Butternut at Front, thence on Butternut to Sugar Run Street, thence on Sugar Run "to a point in the southerly line of and within 75 feet of the southwesterly corner of Beech Grove Cemetery; thence north 34 degrees and 35 minutes west to a stake; thence north 27 degrees and 10 minutes west to a stake; thence to the north corporation line" of the city.

The next ordinance (third  column) is dated 1906 and grants the Marietta, Belpre, Parkersburg, Pomeroy and Gallipolis Tramway Co. to operate "over and along Front Street from Butternut street to Chester road, some 9,100 feet, more or less; over and along Chester road from Front street and Chester road intersection to the corporation line on the North." Looking at the fine print, had this been built, there would have been double track on 9,100 feet of Front street -- one track belonging to them and the other to the M P & R.

While the locations on the map below aren't exact, they give you a good idea of where the proposed lines were to have operated.

Click on the page number to be taken to the .pdf file of the ordinance.

Page Page Page
111 127 137
113 128 139
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There is reference to a 1901 ordinance entitled "An Ordinance Establishing a Route and Prescribing the Terms and Conditions upon and the Manner in Which an Electric Street Railway may be Constructed and Operated upon and along the Line of Certain Streets, Alleys, and Property of the City of Pomeroy, Ohio." 

I couldn't find that one either!