Double Truck Cars

This builder's photo of car #10 at the Brill factory. Reportedly the line started in 1900 with six 10-bench open cars, two 20' closed cars and two combines (#10 and #11) which were 37' long on Eureka trucks, two GE1000 motors and K10 controllers.

Drawing of the Brills, courtesy Mark Sims.


Photos below show car 12,  in Racine between 1908 and 1922.


Car 11 and crew, possibly at the car barn.

Can't tell what car this is, or where it was. Looks like flood waters cover the track to the rear of the car. It also appears to be sitting on a passing siding. The car's end platforms sport four-leaf doors instead of the two-leaf doors evident on cars 12 and 13. The platforms also appear to sag a bit. Was this a home shop rebuild, or a boomer car from another railway?