Single Truck Cars

Some builder's photos of the Cincinnati Car Co. are archived at the Indiana Historical Society. A couple of dollars later, I was sent these four scans for "research" purposes. The pictures look much better at full size - 8 x 10. The cars are strange to say the least -- they appear to have all of the features of a double ender, except for the lack of doors on the one side of the car. Presumably this side was kept adjacent to the river?

Drawing courtesy Mark Sims.

#24 is a double end, single truck curved sider. Front sign reads "Syracuse", side sign says "Special." Note brackets for retriever and dash sign.

Note the lack of doors on this side of the car. No dash brackets are evident, although there is a retriever bracket, and the car has 2 pole hooks.

 Motorman's position is on left side of car rather than the traditional centered location.  Destination sign at end of car reads "White Rock." 

Car seems to sport leather-covered walkover seats.


Car 6 and its somewhat rotund motorman!

Caption identified this only as a car blocked by a rock slide. Location might be near the Big Bend Bridge. Car looks awfully "ratty".


A bit of a puzzle here. Apparently they got a single car from Kuhlman in 1909. Perhaps the car was ordered by the Ohio River Railway and a record keeping error has it attributed to the Ohio River Electric Railway?