Where it ran

I've divided the towns into three pages to minimize download times for folks with slow connections.
The first page details upriver from Pomeroy -- Racine, Syracuse, Minersville and White Rock.
The second page deals with Pomeroy, and the third page talks about Middleport, Gravel Hill and Hobson.

The real line ran through a rather bucolic part of southeastern Ohio, not too far away from the border with Kentucky. As I find pictures, postcards, links, etc. describing the towns they'll be added to the appropriate page. Pictures that were taken in July 2004 have been added in some cases to give you an idea of how the towns haven't changed much in nearly a century. Some information from a 1921 "Mercantile Agency Reference Book" has been added to shed light on the degree of "prosperity" the area enjoyed and is indicated in italix type.

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Some of these pictures were copied from J. P. Kincaid. Unfortunately his collection of  pictures relating to this part of the Ohio Valley seems to have disappeared. Some interesting pictures can be found here:  http://www.courtstreetgrill.com/history.html

Athens is the next county to the north: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohathens/

The map views were scanned from a 1906 soils survey conducted by F. N. Meker and G. W. Tailby, Jr. for the Field Operations, Bureau of  Soils, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Charles E. Thorne, director. From Pomeroy north the trolley line looks like an extension of the railroad -- unless you know better. That's why I didn't include maps on the pages for Pomeroy and below.