circa 1901

Ohio River Electric Railway

The Street Railway Journal was the publication detailing the rapidly developing events in the street railway industry in the last century.

Here you'll find scans of three pages from the 1901 edition. They detail the construction of the line as well as showing some interesting pictures. A link at the bottom should take you to an article and more photos from a 1906 SRJ. These two articles seem to be the only time  the line was mentioned in the publication.


First, our thanks to Ed Lybarger, archivist, Pennsylvania Trolley Museum for providing access to the SRJs as well as finding car builder rosters and making copies of several photos which appear elsewhere.

The locomotive remains a gem as well as somewhat of a mystery. The article says it was built by General Electric but the design is typical of the 1890-era.. If you compare the images between 1901 and 1906 you'll see they made some modifications, including installation of a standard steam locomotive bell (probably courtesy of the HV) as well as some external lights tucked under the roof overhang.

And again we have no pictures of the car house. The partial view of a smaller building adjacent to the power station (at left) may well be the side of the barn.

And there is still some confusion about the source of traction power. This article makes you think they generated their own. Contemporary newspaper articles indicate the power came from the plant at the adjacent salt works -- which would be out of the photo to the left.