Middleport then and now

The Middleport maps pick up just south of the new bridge and run through the far end of town -- close to the end of the line at/near the C&O Hobson yards. One Google picture covers two of the maps, so you'll have to scroll a bit to see how things compare. The red line approximates the car track. Presuming that the maps are correct, it's interesting to note the line hugs one side of the street rather than being centered.  You'll also notice further down where there's one of the occasional passing sidings. According to the scale, its about 200 feet long -- which seems to me somewhat long for cars that were under 40 feet in length. No freight was carried on this part of the line as far as I know. Sorry for the squiggles -- I don't have any really good software to do this kind of work.

Slight change in orientation here -- now we're going right to left instead of top to bottom.