Then and now

Using the wonders of the internet, I've attempted to show how the area around the car line looked in 1908 and again 100 years later.

A great research tool can be found in the Digital Sanborn Maps. These were/are fire insurance maps, and the digital collection consists of 660,000 maps of more than 12,000 cities and towns from 1867 to 1970. Founded in 1867 by D. A. Sanborn, the Sanborn Map Company was the primary American publisher of fire insurance maps for nearly 100 years.  I was lucky enough to have an friend show me were these were in the Ohio library system. (Hey, I pay Ohio taxes, I'm entitled!)

Copies of the 1908 maps, edited a bit, are shown along with corresponding views from Google Earth. The matches aren't exact, and in some cases it's difficult to determine the proper sequence for the fire maps. For ease in loading, I've divided things as follows:

White Rock Salt Works

Pomeroy, north of Court Street  

Pomeroy, south of Court Street  


Like the rest of the site, this is still a work in progress.

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Here's a video that is on the Meigs County Tourism site. Bob Graham is one of my sources for information